Building Your Vision

neUdesign Architecture is a firm of architects, designers, drafters, and support staff based in Meridian, Idaho who work on projects all over the United States and abroad. We are a team of hardworking, creative, detail-oriented and committed professionals with one primary goal: blending your dreams and our expertise to build the commercial, industrial, or residential project you’ve been envisioning.

International Inspiration

As one of the largest architecture firms in Idaho, our primary focus is helping all members of the team develop designs that are purposeful and carefully analyzed for alignment with the project’s goals, and doing so with Joy. We infuse inspiration from projects well beyond the Northwest, heeding current trends and forging new paths. Our progressive approach will show you results that represents our client’s goals and stand the test of time.

Focusing on U

Good design is a process able to unite the dreams of a client with the expertise of our team. neUdesign is proudly dedicated to intentional collaboration between the client (U), our design staff, our consultants and partnership oriented builders. We are skilled at fostering an idea or vision, extracting that from our clients, developing that into a 3d digital representation, developing affordable/buildable plans and subsequently taking your vision into the built world impacting many lives for years to come. What starts as an idea becomes reality, and we are here to support that journey.

Continued Growth

Our team has grown exponentially to what is now a large group of dedicated, talented and partnership minded employees. We have had the great fortune to work with some amazing companies and individuals. We are also constantly mindful of, and advocates of, emerging industries and processes such as modular construction, emerging contracting options, design-build, proven construction technologies and the like.

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Giving Back

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