A Relationship of Trust

For a Design-Build (DB) approach to work, there must be a critical element of trust present in the relationships. The owner must trust the DB entity and the DB entity must trust the owner. The results will be a more efficient process than found in the traditional method.

Architecturally Led Design-Build

In this structure, architects are directly contractually responsible for the general contracting services. This can mean that general contracting (GC) services are offered in-house or it can mean they are provided through trusted GC partnerships. Either way, the contractual relationship is between the owner and the design builder. Thus, the architect is responsible for the costs, efficiencies of design, and management of construction activities.

Skin in the Game

By taking on these contractual obligations, the owners and architects are showing that they have some skin in the game. The client is trusting them to select a trustworthy GC and get the job done efficiently and accurately. When it comes to the budget of the project, architects provide a 30-60-90 percent cost analysis where the design is priced out to ensure the client’s financial goals are captured.

Saving You Time and Money

Ultimately, one of the most attractive things about this process is its ability to save the client time and money. The architect on the project is able to produce plans and get building permits in the works sooner. Since the architect and GC are familiar with each other, there is less time spent exchanging information or answering questions, allowing them to get started faster. Producing the document package is also substantially quicker, resulting in a much lower design fee.

Staying Competitive

A scope of services is developed by the architect and client to ensure that the client’s goals are at the forefront. Even though the architects work with the same GCs, they are able to remain competitive by finding cost effective subcontractors and suppliers in each division of work. Working with subcontractors ensures you’re achieving the lowest cost while locking in experts who can provide the best of the best in each service.

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