Breaking Down the Process

A third viable means of contract management is the CM approach. As always, trust is an essential factor in this process. The construction management approach allows for a reduced level of interaction and involvement from the client as the client hires the CM entity to act on their behalf, acting as an experienced owner’s agent driving the design and construction teams forward.

A Style to Match You

Similar to the design-build process, the owner hires a sole agent to act on their behalf to accomplish the project. The significant difference is that the selection of an architect and general contractor are not defined. This creates additional opportunity for selecting partners that match unique styles of various projects.

The Phases of Success

In a construction management approach, a client hires a construction management partner to help identify the best design and building teams for the project. Phases of the project are distinctly divided into preconstruction and construction phases. This means an architect is still used to serve in a management role on the project, but there is more opportunity for bidding, identifying, and partnering with the ideal construction partners.

Benefits to Believe in

There are many benefits to the construction management process including:

  • Ensurance that the design follows a planned and approved budget
  • Working with teams that have prior experience working together and collaborate on the project from day one
  • Reduction in time and money needed to create the plan and execute due to cohesive communication strategies

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