Knowing Your Rights, and The Law

Rules and regulations are simply a part of life, and something we must all contend with in various avenues of our journey. We may not always like them, but they are there for a reason. Getting to the meaning behind why a code exists is our specialty, knowing that we are advocates for our client’s rights afforded to them through our Constitution of the USA. As architects, we are protectors of the public’s health and welfare. More importantly, we are advocates for our client in doing what is right rather than blindly following what someone else dictated as right.

Applicable Codes

We work daily in various code sections across the entire United States, whether that is a local city jurisdiction (planning and zoning P&Z), nationally accepted platform for building codes (International Building Code IBC), local state adopted building codes (ie: New York Building Code, California Building Code, etc.), ancillary codes supported and recognized in the industry (OSHA, ANSI, etc.) and federally adopted codes that apply in all states (Fair Housing and Accessibility FHA, Americans with Disabilities Act ADA, etc.). We have even had to learn industry specific codes as well as codes applicable in other countries. What all this means is we are experts in the process, and are extremely fine tuned in many specific codes that apply to common projects we work in daily.


If you are looking for specific assistance with a code or jurisdictional issue, we are your team!

  • Peer Consultant Reviews
  • FHA Audits
  • ADA Upgrades
  • Zoning Compliance
  • Jurisdictional Entanglements
  • Expert Witness
  • Code Analysis and Review
  • Risk Management
  • Professional Oversight
  • Industry Specific Compliance (modular, multifamily, etc.)