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In addition to providing a wide range of resources, expertise, and ideas to your project, our team offers different options for contracting. This means we help you navigate the processes of architecture services and find the process that works best for you to get the building of your dreams with a process that makes the most sense for you.

Regardless of which approach you decide to take, there are defined and unique phases to each process. Generally, here are the main steps involved in an architecture and build project with neUdesign.


When a client is ready to find the right partners with the right experience in a successful firm, we help them develop a contractual relationship to help guide the entirety of the process. This contract is necessary in defining what is expected from both parties to ensure the end result is an impressive project and a happy client.

Initial Schematic Design (SD)

In the initial design phase, the client and the architects begin discussions about the ideas and vision for the project. Together, they utilize programming and schematic design to help the project begin to take shape. The client and contractor also begin to talk about adjacencies, materials, and general intent of the plan.

Design Development

After the initial schematic design phase has completed analyzing all the various options we should consider, we then move into a more detailed and definitive approach of identifying the floor plans and elevations that will eventually become the reality of your project. At conclusion of this phase, the client can step aside as they know they have a product that meets their needs.

Construction Document Phase (CD)

In this final phase, a construction document is completed. This document is used as a deliverable to competitively obtain bids for construction services. neUdesign is there every step of the way to ensure the client is receiving the best, most competitive pricing.

The Right Process for You

Generally speaking, there are three approaches for the client to choose from depending on their goals and interests. Each path can help you reach your goals with neUdesign.


This traditional approach to contracting involves getting bids from various contractors and assembling the perfect team for your project piece by piece. Learn more


The partnership-oriented approach involves working with one general contractor partner. Typically, this system saves money and time by working with a team that has already been established and work well together. Learn More

Construction Management

Construction management divides preconstruction and construction into two distinct teams, with oversight of a CM partner that acts in a manner similar to an “Owner’s Representative” (a service that can be offered by neUdesign in some states). This allows for the owner to be less involved knowing they have an experience partner driving the process. Learn More

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